We´ve worked with BYG on 12 different clients leading to a 2.5 year partnership and a 47% MQL to SQL rate.


  • In partnership for 2.5 years
  • Has supported 12 different clients in unison with BYG.
  • Meetings generate 47% opportunity creation rate

Dreamline, a sales acceleration agency, has been working with BYG for 2.5 years, and the collaboration has been a great success. Dreamline has helped BYG generate leads for their sales team and has even generated clients for BYG themselves. The partnership has resulted in 12 different clients for BYG, and their founder, John Fargis, has praised Dreamline's work.

John Fargis was initially skeptical about working with a sales acceleration agency, as their business was traditionally face-to-face driven. However, Dreamline was able to prove him wrong and deliver significant results. Fargis said, "I would have said it was impossible beforehand because it´s not usually how we secure new clients. Working with Dreamline, we've had a number of significant successes in that regard. I would have said our business is very face-to-face driven, and it would be challenging to penetrate otherwise. But I was gladly and demonstrably proved wrong. So great to work with Dreamline."

The partnership between Dreamline and BYG has been a win-win situation, with BYG benefitting from increased leads and new clients, and Dreamline building a successful long-term relationship with a satisfied client. This case study highlights the power of sales acceleration and the value of working with a trusted partner to achieve business goals.

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Our partnership with Oradian has been no exception. Thanks to our targeted approach, we have achieved an impressive 17% reply rate and 5% meeting rate . We have agreed to make advancements on both sides to further optimize our strategies and drive even greater results. 

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We set up over 375 discovery calls for their inside sales team within 12 months, but meetings aren’t a success metric for Dreamline Digital. Revenue opportunities are an accurate measure of success.

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With Skuad, Dreamline Digital was averaging around 38 opportunities generated monthly, as we were conducting outreach from six profiles/personas. 

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